Helping organizations achieve clarity.

An Introduction

Hello, there! My name is Chris Carter. I live in Austin, TX with my wife and two potbellied pigs. With over nine years designing products and services for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium start-ups, my experience so far has been unique. Participated in teams of 5 and others with 400,000, both local and global, I specialize in full stack design & service design. I like video games, comic books, movies, and my family is very important to me. In a professional environment I care personally, challenge directly, collaborate, and take risks. I practice being an honest, open, and caring individual.

Process and approach

My design process is user centered with business in mind. To me understanding the problem from the business and user side is the core to where I start. Then coming up with solutions, and finally testing to learn what works and what does not work so that we can iterate on ideas as a team. Making sure that I not only empathize with my client, partners, or stakeholders, but that I sympathize with them.

Believing in the diamond

I believe in the double diamond approach to solving problems. Discover what the underlying issues are using discovery research. Define those problems with insights, themes, opportunity areas, and how might we’s. I then develop those ideas by ideating and evaluating multiple sets of plans. The final step in the double diamond is amazing because that is where delivering a solution on what we did not know at the beginning to what we do know now takes fruition.

Validating Assumptions

I provide the answer in a prototype or the case of a service, a service blue print with mock run throughs. I learn, iterate, and repeat. I keep what is working and come up with a new hypothesis on ideas that are not working. I get to ideas by collaborating with a bunch of people, most of the time with those that are not even in my department. Getting experts to share their knowledge is how I get valid research. Building something that matters to real people is what I strive for in my design process.


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